Carandiru movie plot

2022-03-18 08:01
The Paul Detention Center, the largest prison in Latin America, is known as "Carandiru". A doctor came here with great ambition to start a medical program for AIDS prevention. However, the reality he faced was much trickier than he could have imagined: in this prison with more than 7,000 inmates, crowded cells, backward equipment, and harsh environment provided the breeding ground for various diseases. In a hotbed, prisoners simply cannot get adequate medical protection and help. As a newcomer, he faced a huge test. After working for a few months, he gradually realized that in this dire situation, there is still no shortage of opportunities for change. Prisoners of all shapes and sizes are not evil villains. In his little contact with them, he found their unity and organization, and most importantly, a strong will to survive. In the process, doctors themselves are also learning to adapt to the harsh working conditions and unique ways of working here. Accustomed to using first-class advanced equipment, he had to pick up the most basic equipment, and even in many cases he could only rely on his feeling and experience to make judgments. He also gradually mastered the skills of communicating with prisoners during auscultation. The doctor's efforts finally came to fruition, and he won the respect of the prisoners. With respect comes secrets, and problems other than diseases creep into his life. Many inmates confided to him their stories and the problems they encountered in prison during the treatment process. His meetings with the patients opened a window to the sinful world. In 1992, there was a big riot in the prison, and 112 prisoners were killed in the riot   .
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  • Vilma 2022-03-18 08:01:01

    The group drama, the first half is interspersed with the explanations of different prisoners' pre-prison experiences, and the society is condemned with very typical Brazilian movie logic... But more pen and ink are devoted to the importance of reasonable prison management... Dirty and messy The environment is too familiar, like a university dormitory, and it is at the level of Huazhihui Diliao...Choose roommates, join clubs, watch cultural performances, department leagues, circulate small yellow books, and have sex, which is also related to the university's extracurricular activities. No difference

  • Anya 2022-03-18 08:01:01

    The movie of more than 2 hours is not boring at all, and these prisoners are super interesting, they should get the best ensemble play, each of the actors is full of personality, when you see their cute and sad side, you are turned to be Their cold-blooded and violent side is shocked, and the massacre at the end has been staged countless times in this civilized era, a satire of human nature.

Carandiru quotes

  • Lady Di: I've come to take the test.

    Médico - Physician: Please, take a seat. First, I'd like to ask you a few questions, Lady Di.

    Lady Di: I've seen this movie before, doctor. I've never needed a blood transfusion and I never pierce my veins. The only drug I use is a joint now and then... when I watch TV or for a little romance.

    Médico - Physician: And partners, how many?

    Lady Di: Oh, about 2000.

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