Trapped evaluation action

2022-06-22 17:45
To be honest, such a storyline is not very exciting, because the ending of the story seems to have been guessed, but people still want to watch it. why? Because everyone wants to finally confirm whether the ending is different from what we envisioned. The male and female criminals in the film—using their rich knowledge of criminology, maybe they don’t necessarily have specialized research, but they have very rich experience— regard their kidnapping and killing as “killing the rich to help the poor”, but why do they I don't think about who will control the scale of killing the rich and helping the poor. After all, life is not a child's play. The deprivation of life is irreversible. While cherishing your own life, you should also cherish the lives of others.
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  • Raul 2022-06-22 17:26:43

    The scalpel is hidden, tsk tsk...

  • Angel 2022-06-22 19:06:05

    I don't understand why the rating is low. I think the plot is cleverly designed, in line with the characteristics of a thriller, and the kidnapping method is novel and professional, which can generally ensure success. It's just that the logic is a little imperfect, because the kidnapper is actually for revenge and let the victim experience the pain of losing his daughter, but everything is based on the interests of the kidnapped child, which can be explained from the point of view that human nature and love are inexhaustible, but it is inevitable. far-fetched. Also, love Theron and Fanning.

Trapped quotes

  • Cheryl: Fifty's no good to me Doctor, because Abby doesn't have fifty daddies.

    Will: [taken back] What did you say?

    Cheryl: [pointing a gun with a silencer on it at Will] Your daughter was kidnapped three hours ago, and if you want her to live through the night you're gonna let me in that room right now.

  • Hickey: A kid can stand anything for 24 hours. I had to stand alot worse for years.

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