Trapped movie plot

2022-06-22 20:45
Jennings, a veteran physician, and his wife, a costume designer, have a thriving career. They live happily in Portland with their baby daughter Abby However, this happy family is targeted by a pair of talented criminals.
This pair of geniuses is Joeand Cheryl, who have the perfect criminal plan, clear heads, and a firm belief that their kidnapping is "kill the rich for the poor." One day, while Dr. Jennings was on a business trip to Seattle for a medical conference, Joe and Cheryl infiltrated their home and kidnapped their precious daughter, Abby, and a battle of wits began. 
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Trapped quotes

  • Hickey: You would be grateful if I helped your little girl, right?

    Karen: [quietly] Yes.

    Hickey: What?

    Karen: Yes.

    Hickey: How would you show me?

    Karen: You take me to her first, and then I'll show you.

    Hickey: How does every woman know that? How to be a hooker?


    Hickey: 'Get the payment up front'.


    Hickey: Is that what they're teaching you in Home Ec when we're in Shop?

    Karen: Nobody has to teach you how to protect your child. You'd know that if you had one.

  • Hickey: Aw shit. Now I got blood on my phone.

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