Cashback evaluation action

2022-04-10 08:01
The film has a witty inner humor, and director Sean Ellis has successfully added time to the film, giving the protagonist Ben a broad story background, thus grafting a romantic love story into the plot   .
The poetic lines and realistic scenes in the film are natural, the bright pictures and the sad mood complement each other, the story of the film is extremely simple but very infectious, and there are many humorous scenes that make people laugh, which is very similar to the film. The overall atmosphere chemically becomes a discordant beauty. It is a melancholy story, but it is always a little playful. It is a clean world, but you can always see several times of dirty dust. The interaction of the film uses realistic and freehand techniques, and many time-still pictures are full of interest. The film is a lovelorn song. The protagonist struggles in the inescapable memory and the real world, and finally turns around and finds true love again. Maybe the director wants to tell the audience a truth: a lover may not be eternal, but love is forever   .
Just looking at the above description of the film, there may be many viewers wearing tinted glasses for the film, but the film is far cleaner than it sounds. From the concise short film to the 102-minute feature film, the director has completely preserved the essence of the supermarket paragraph, and the original big boy's fantastic fantasy in the supermarket has been transformed into a story about the treatment of lovelorn. In this regard, the audience is not only a little reticent about the direction of the plot, but behaves like a quite forgiving   .
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