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2022-03-27 08:01
The film's dialogue lacks themes. The discussion of the respective values ​​and meanings of the original artwork and The Certified Copy is just an introduction in the film, and the film does not intend to raise it to a philosophical level, but the main topic of this introduction is not attractive. The propositions thrown by the protagonist in the role-playing are nothing more than reflecting that men and women have different views on the ordinary things in life, and it is difficult to look at problems from the perspective of the other party. After a series of bumps, the core theme of the film finally emerged. When people look at artworks and even life with emotion and love, it is no longer important whether many things are original or not, and copies also have its value.
In addition, it is quite puzzling that some of the neurotic characteristics exposed by the heroine in the later period feel that the tone of the film has been pulled in another direction unknowingly. Knowing myself, let a neurotic single mother release the depression in her heart. The wonderful feeling of the camera makes people ignore the feeling of watching a movie, and the picture shows a strong expressive tension.  
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  • Marcus 2022-04-02 09:01:14

    The legitimate copy exists because of the meaning of the world, the value comes from the additional meaning, and the emotion is also in the relationship. So it's really replaceable. My favorite Abbas works so far, although it does not discuss fiction and reality, it is not far from the relationship between meaning and reality. The use of professional actors does not damage its nature at all. It is similar in form to sunrise and sunset, but it is too awesome. It's good in every way f484f5e5fe

  • Graham 2022-04-03 09:01:11

    Abbas who learned to fight back and forth

Certified Copy quotes

  • Elle: I didn't get married to live alone. I'd like to live my life with my husband. Mmm... Is a good husband too much to ask for?

    La patronne du café: Our lives can't be all that bad if all we can complain about is our husbands working too hard. You see, when there's not another woman, we see their job as our rival.

  • James Miller: My family lives their lives and I live my life. They speak their language and I speak mine. That makes sense doesn't it?

    Elle: It makes a lot of sense.

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