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2022-03-27 08:01
Ella, a Frenchman living in a small town in Tuscany, runs a gallery with high taste, and one day she attends an exhibition by British writer James Millerprovides a deep dive into the authenticity and inevitable affectation associated with art. Ella seemed particularly fascinated by James' passion for literature, and she then invited him to take a tour of the beautiful surrounding landscape. When Ella and James were mistaken for husband and wife, the two suddenly had a lot of fun. They really pretended to be a pair of intimate lovers and spent an entire afternoon discussing love, life and art. They do look a lot like an old couple who have lived together for a long time, and Ella finds herself seeming to have a crush on the slightly older novelist. But after all, they decided to pretend to be husband and wife on a whim. If it continues like this, it is likely to become a real love, because both Ella and James gradually realize that they seem to be really suitable. other side. In the process of excavating the nature and essence of love, marriage and art together, they are constantly expanding the possibilities, and the disguised feelings can also have profound meanings as if they existed in the real world   .
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  • Naomi 2022-04-04 09:01:07

    [Exhibition at the China Film Archive] Film version. Forgive my stupidity, I didn't understand the relationship between the hero and heroine until the end of the movie. couple? ex-husband? Father and daughter? ... In fact, it is a pair of men and women who meet for the first time, practicing the theory of the male protagonist: imitations are also valuable. In the film, the Bai language is even involved in the narrative. The switch of the male and female protagonists to the Bai language is also a switch of identities. Long shots are Abbas. Chatting and follow-up are reminiscent of Love in the trilogy, which is comfortable to watch

  • Ashtyn 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    After reading Juliet Bino's "Love Dialogue", the brilliant love dialectic once again highlights the difference in thinking patterns between men and women. When love is gradually smoothed out by life, men think that it is only a matter of changing the way of love, but women think that it is a matter of love and not love. Although everything should be viewed from a different angle, men don't understand that once a woman changes her attitude towards love, she also changes her determination to love. Because love is a dialogue, not a monologue, a feeling, not right or wrong.

Certified Copy quotes

  • Elle: If we were a bit more tolerant of each other's weaknesses, we'd be less alone. I know one can live alone but... Did you see that couple next door? I envied them. Stay with me. Stay. Give us that chance.

  • L'homme de la place: All she wants from you is that you walk beside her and lay your hand on her shoulder. That's all she's longing for. But for her, it's vital. But all your problems can be solved by a simple gesture. Do it and set yourself free.

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