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2022-06-26 09:48
The daughter of the famous Hollywood director David Lynch, the young female director Jennifer Lynch directed the limited-level horror film "Chained" (Chained) at the 16th Fantasia international held from July 19th to August 7th At the film festival , the film had previously been rated as NC-17 (no viewing under the age of 17), with sensuality, bloody killings, and women being abused. It is conceivable that the scale of its bloody large-scale, the gathering of these heavy taste elements Let's look forward to this movie.
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Chained quotes

  • Bob: Where do you think that you are on the food chain, Rabbit?

    Rabbit: I won't do it.

    Bob: No kid of mine is going to grow up uselessly educated.

    Rabbit: I'm not your kid.

    Bob: The fuck you're not.

  • Bob: There's only one real way out for you, to prove to me that I can trust you. There's only one way to do that.

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