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2022-10-18 21:45
Many people will encounter such confusion in their emotional life. Why is it easy to fall in love and difficult to get along with? Two people from different environments who have never known each other before living together, will their living habits harmonize with each other? Why do some people clearly love each other, but can't live together? After a family is formed, it is not enough to rely on love alone to maintain the happiness of the family. It is more about mutual tolerance and mutual understanding. At the end of the film, there is no specific method for how a husband and wife should solve these problems. Experience it by yourself, and find the answer by yourself.
The actor who starred in " Beloved of the gods " and "Devads" was also released in Hanfeng. He is the most famous actor in Bollywood in India. In recent years, he has formed his own Movie production company. On the cover of "TIME" this year, "TIME" rated him as: the world's most outstanding superstar (including Hollywood and Bollywood). In "Chalte Chalte", he is not only a star, but also a producer.
The actress Rani Mukherji showed her excellent performance potential as soon as she debuted. The first Movie "khch khcu hotaa hai" filmed brought her the honor of best supporting actress, which is also the history of Indian Movies. A classic, she has become the darling of Indian Movies with her excellent appearance and mature acting skills. She is beautiful and gentle in appearance, mature and natural in her performance, and shows casual sexiness in her gestures.
The style of the film is still inclined to lightheartedness and humor, especially before the conflict occurs, but the second half is filled with a touch of sadness and helplessness, the pictures are beautiful, and the dance scenes are also very exciting.
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