Chalte Chalte movie plot

2022-10-18 22:21
This is a story about a couple and how they should get along with each other.
Fernando Manuel Silva Couto is a truck driver. By chance, he met the beautiful Maria and fell in love with him at first sight. Maria's car broke down and took Fernando Manuel Silva Couto's truck. During a few days of getting along, Maria The humorous man fell in love and left his phone number when they parted, but the careless Fernando Manuel Silva Couto lost it while doing laundry.
When Fernando Manuel Silva Couto tried his best to find Maria, she had already agreed to the marriage that her family had engaged her since she was a child, and was going to fly to Greece to be reunited with her family living there. Maria followed her to Athens , trying to Convinces Priya to give up the marriage and marry him, and after Fernando Manuel Silva Couto drives Maria home for the last time to say goodbye, Maria realizes that she is in love with Fernando Manuel Silva Couto and ends up being the runaway bride and Fernando Manuel Silva Couto together.
Fernando Manuel Silva Couto and Maria got married and started their dream two-person world, but real life is always so unsatisfactory, Fernando Manuel Silva Couto is a little macho, and Maria is not Uncompromising, they began to have conflicts, quarrels, and finally, after borrowing money from the original fiancé, the relationship between the two broke down. Maria reluctantly left Fernando Manuel Silva Couto, but the two still loved each other deeply. Will they be together again in the end?
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