Citizen X movie plot

2022-06-25 13:08
Describes a Soviet detective who spent eight years tracking down a vicious serial killer who killed fifty-two women and children at a remote southern train station between 1982 and 1990. This period coincided with the political and economic changes in the Soviet Union, and the way the police handled cases was constantly changing. As a result, the criminal police investigation encountered unprecedented difficulties, and the identity of the killer became a mystery. To make matters worse, he uncovers a secret government secret during his investigation, and the only person who supports him is Colonel Fitiso, a political strategist   .
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Citizen X quotes

  • Burakov: [addressing Bukhanovsky, about Fetisov] He'd say something witty but he's overcome with emotion right now.

  • Fetisov: Blood test came back negative.

    Burakov: What?

    Fetisov: Semen samples are type AB. Chikatilo is type A.

    Burakov: [sighs] I don't believe it.

    Fetisov: It's true.

    Burakov: What are you talking about "it's true"? What does that mean? Our blood test is for eleven variables. The FBI's is for one hundred and forty nine!

    Fetisov: [grinning] How do you know that?

    Burakov: [exasperated] I saw it in a movie! What the hell difference does it make what the blood test says, you don't know what you're talking about!

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