Closed Circuit movie plot

2022-04-02 08:01
Barna (Martin Rose) and Howe (Claudia Simmons Howe) play a couple. Their own lives and feelings begin to be tested and threatened when they step into a terrorism trial.
According to reports, the police have arrested Farroukh Erdogan, the "leader" of the terrorist organization, after a terrorist bombing occurred in downtown London. Because this case involves national security, some evidence cannot be disclosed in the public hearing, so in addition to the defense attorney Martin Rose, there is a special defense attorney Claudia Simmons Howe; The objection is that the information will be made public so that the accused can defend himself. Because in the closed trial, only she, the judge, the public prosecutor and the agents of the intelligence agency appeared in court. Whether it is Martin as a defense lawyer or Claudia as a special defender, their every move is being monitored, and the longing that they cannot meet in private temporarily for work reasons also torments the two. After some investigation, Martin found that Faaaoukh was an intelligence officer of the British intelligence agency MI5. He was ordered to break into a local terrorist organization, but it went wrong, causing 120 deaths, and the former defense lawyer Simon Fellows did not commit suicide, but Find out the truth was killed. Martin and Claudia's lives are in danger, and where the hell is this case going.  
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  • Jacklyn 2022-04-02 08:01:01

    A well-established political conspiracy theory drama, through two opposing couple lawyers to investigate the story behind a terrorist attack, the amount of information is large, the atmosphere of horror and suspense is acceptable, but the answer and ending are not shocking enough. ★★★

  • Freida 2022-04-02 08:01:01

    Isn't it a joke with MI5?

Closed Circuit quotes

  • Joanna Reece: And that's where it all went wrong. That's why the secret is lethal.

    Martin Rose: Is that your headline?

    Joanna Reece: [scoffs] Huh, no headline without proof.

    Martin Rose: You've obviously never read a British newspaper.

  • Devlin: Martin, be careful.

    Martin Rose: It's a bit bloody late for that.

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