Jane Got a Gun behind the scenes gags

2022-03-31 08:01
  1. Filming began in 2013, but it wasn't released until three years later, in 2016.
  2. The film's script was on the blacklist of Hollywood's best screenplays to be produced in 2011.
  3. Michael Fassbender was originally set to play Dan Frost, but after filming was delayed, Michael Fassbender withdrew from the film due to scheduling conflicts with
  4. Following Michael Fassbender's exit, Joel Edgerton switched to the role of Dan Frost, while Jude Law was brought in to play the villain, John Billshop.
  5. The original director Lynn Ramsey and the producer fell out due to disagreements. En Ramsey did not show up on the set on the day of the agreed start. 25 hours later, Gavin O'Connor was appointed as the new director.
  6. In November 2013, En Ramsay was sued by the producer in court for breach of contract and demanded $850,000 in liquidated damages. The lawsuit was finally settled privately in March 2014.
  7. The plot of the film is basically the same as the 1972 film "Vengeful Gunslinger".
  8. Jude Law was originally set to play Colin, but he dropped the film after original director Lynn Ramsey pulled out   .
  9. The film was originally scheduled to have its world premiere in Paris theaters on November 16, 2015, but due to the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, the film's premiere and media campaign was canceled, and the release was postponed to 2016   .
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Jane Got a Gun quotes

  • Dan Frost: You kill the other guy. Otherwise, he'll kill you.

    Jane Hammond: [convulsing with fear]

    Dan Frost: You know, fear is good, Jane. Fear will keep you alive.

    Jane Hammond: We're gonna be outnumbered.

    Dan Frost: The hell with numbers. We had the Johnnies outnumbered well and truly. You know, it took us four years to do what we should've done in a few months, because they had will and purpose. If you got those two things, numbers ain't shit.

  • Dan Frost: You know, I've seen a lot of men carry that same look of death that you got right now. Yeah, you're fixin' to make the very big jump, my friend. Straight to perdition. And while you're burning... just know that Jane and I will be right up above you. And I want you to...

    [pauses when Jane walks in]

    Dan Frost: I want you to think about that with the shank of time that you got left.

    Bill Hammond: Don't know what it is you ever see in that man, Jane.

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