Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus movie plot

2022-03-21 08:01
As night falls, the Arbus Family Photo Studio is gearing up for an event where fur merchants from across the United States will gather for the launch of new furs at Russek Fur Store on Fifth Avenue. Diane Arbus, a housewife and mother of children, and husband Aaron Arbus's right-hand man, has been assisting her husband in fashion advertising photography, and Russek Fur The shop's owners, David and Gertrude, are Diane's parents.
The gilded chairs had to be wiped clean, the models had their makeup done to perfection, and Diane and her children had to dress up, not only to win the favor of the wealthy fur dealers, but also To satisfy his parents, as a favor, father David will hand over the fur shop advertisement to the Arbus family. Although she grew up in a privileged family, Diane has always lived under the harsh eyes and evaluations of her parents. During the restlessness and busyness all day long, Diane is always trying her best to do her best, but under the beautiful scenery, there is a hidden mental and physical exhaustion. grief.
The night was getting dark. At the same time as the fur conference was going on, a group of porters were unloading the furniture from the van and carrying it upstairs. In the dark, Diane saw the new neighbor Lionel, a mysterious man with a scarf and a mask. , his deep eyes are inevitably heart-warming.
For the next two weeks, Diane became curious about the new neighbor, from the sound of his footsteps upstairs to the melody coming from the room, Diane paid attention to Lionel's hurrying figure every day. Until one day, in order to find out why the bathroom sewer was blocked, Diane went upstairs to visit with the Rollei camera that her husband gave her, and walked into the door opened by Lionel. From then on, Diane's feelings and life will happen. Earthshaking transformation   .
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Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus quotes

  • Lionel Sweeney: [holding an inflatable raft] I blew this up for you.

    Diane Arbus: Why did you want me to shave you? Hmm? Why?

    Lionel Sweeney: So I could swim out further.

    Diane Arbus: Swim out?

    Lionel Sweeney: Yes.

    Diane Arbus: What are you saying?

    Lionel Sweeney: [he struggles for words] That I want you with me.

    Diane Arbus: What?

    Lionel Sweeney: Diane.

    Diane Arbus: What are you talking about? You want me to watch you die?

    Lionel Sweeney: I want you with me, that's all.

    Diane Arbus: But is this what you did? Made me fall in love with you to watch you...

    Lionel Sweeney: I don't see it that way at all. I love you.

  • Man: What do you photograph?

    Diane Arbus: Me? Oh no, I'm not the photographer. My husband is.

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