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2022-04-12 08:01
"CODA" is a movie that makes people feel a little heavy when reading the synopsis, but the actual look and feel will be very rich and wonderful. The story sounds brutal, yet inspiring enough. The inspirational part is the chicken soup that is more "big road goods". It is suitable for all ages, both elegant and simple, and the singing is beautiful, which is the good-looking part that makes the movie heal and comfort. What is even more surprising about the film is that it shows the complex level of a family, not the suffering of disabled families in the stereotype, whether it is the relationship between the outside world and society, or the complex and subtle emotional connection between people inside the family , are hearty enough and have a long aftertaste. The film's dramatic conflict is strong, the characters are prominent, and the intensification of contradictions is also very violent. The tense atmosphere makes the whole film more vivid and catchy in rhythm. In the processing of sound, the delicate psychology of adolescence is transformed into a fierce collision between the sound world and the silent world, which is also a remarkable point of the film's audio-visual processing of the form and theme   .
The special family and the embarrassment of reality are the obstacles set up by the film on the road to the success of the heroine Ruby, in order to highlight the inspirational meaning and comforting value of dreams, and inspire every ordinary audience to break through the limitations of reality and follow their hearts. Voice, forging ahead towards a better life. However, Ruby's success is too legendary after all, like an unrealistic romantic imagination. When the film consciously or unintentionally ignores the lengthy and difficult vocal training, exaggerates the decisive role of talent, and places the main obstacle to Ruby's dream pursuit on the family responsibility that is difficult to let go of, it is more or less evasive, and even gives the audience an illusion that there are many Dreams will be successful as long as they persist, and many practical difficulties can be overcome as long as there is support. If you ignore the fairytale color that "CODA" smeared on Ruby, the film still has a very full emotional appeal. In the interweaving of realistic texture and dreamy imagination, the film juxtaposes the stickiness and flying of life, alternates the pain and joy in the characters' hearts, and outlines the various possibilities and flavors of life   .
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CODA quotes

  • Frank Rossi: Go.

  • Frank Rossi: The song you sang tonight. What was it about?

    Ruby Rossi: It was about... what it is to need another person.

    Frank Rossi: Can you sing it for me?

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