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2022-02-07 14:58
Fa Ge's performance is not bad. It should be said that it is not easy for a Hong Kong actor to play Confucius without causing frequent laughter. But what exactly is the charm of Confucius' characters? This is a problem that the film as a whole has not solved. No matter how good the acting is, there is nothing that can be done. It is good that domestic films pursue epic and connotation. But epics cost money. It's not that Confucius said a few words that have been around for thousands of years to be "epic". The war scenes in "Confucius" are all close-up close-ups and special effects, which are very confusing at first glance. scene of human life. There is a long way to go for domestic movies, so don't take it lightly. "Avatar" has come, Hollywood can shoot pictures that we can't make, and what can local movies provide to the audience that Hollywood can't make? () 
The failure of "Confucius" is not the failure of the screenwriter and director: no matter who makes a saint, it can only be done like this, perfect, which means that it is not interesting, so there is no point in discussing the creation of this film: this film is simply Shouldn't shoot. The tragedy of "Confucius" tells us that it is impossible to make ordinary people like the last movie through official propaganda and executive orders. () 
When it comes to the movie itself, although "Confucius" is very exaggerated and luxurious on a single screen, it is actually a movie that lacks visual sense, so that the overall feeling of the movie is rather dull. To put it bluntly, it just doesn't look like a movie. And I think this is because there are problems with the language of the shots and the structure of the story. There are good sentences and no good chapters. Although the individual scenes are beautiful, when they are put together, the story structure angle of the film can only be used as "scattered". describe. () 
For Chinese-language films, "Confucius" is not inferior to " The Seven Samurai " in Japan, " TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War " in South Korea, and even " The Lord of the Rings " in Hollywood, to a certain extent. , "Confucius" really opened the door to biography and war epic for the Chinese film industry. Different from many costume blockbusters, the overall art style of "Confucius" is to make people feel "new" rather than "old". The two main colors of blue and green bring this fresh and natural style to the extreme. The level of sophistication in the handling of props by the film art department is also astounding. () 
The events of the film "Confucius" are relatively independent, the characters are relatively conceptualized, the rhythm is relatively slow, and the audio-visual language is relatively chaotic. But as a director, Hu Mei is obviously more sober than her menopausal male classmates. This grand narrative film, at least fully expressing the central idea, also has a lot of educational significance. The first half of the film is full of "drama". From literary to military, Confucius is portrayed as a hero with all aspects, so it is not difficult to accept such a design that includes artistic exaggeration. But in the second half of the film, the storyline is flat, the characters lose their brilliance, and the audience can't lift their spirits. ( Reviewed by) 
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Extended Reading
  • Carleton 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    If Confucius is filmed for the box office, you will never understand how Confucius became a saint.

  • Aubree 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    [Zhongguancun Meijia] It's not enough to watch it after only two hours. This film is about the old Confucius who started to reminisce when he was free on the day he finished compiling "Spring and Autumn". From the time I knew the destiny to go to office, I was expelled from the country for a few years in high spirits, and then led a group of disciples to travel around the country to seek re-employment. When I was very lost, I could finally return to my country, and I can’t be an official, just be honest The actual teaching book said, I am very happy that the "Spring and Autumn" can be handed down to the world.

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