Courageous movie plot

2022-06-23 18:33
Adam Mitchell (Alex Kendrick Alex Kendrick), Nansen Hayes (Ken Bevel), Shane Fowler (Kevin Downes) and David Thomson (Ben Davies), four law enforcement officers on the go, living in danger every day. While they were able to keep themselves safe, their families suffered misfortune. The remaining men are left to wrestle with their own strength and destiny, hope, faith and responsibility. Just as the tool used to strike iron is another piece of iron, this fate changed their fate in the future. With the support of friendship and fatherly love   , they made a decision to change the rest of their lives   .
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Courageous quotes

  • Nathan Hayes: Has he asked you out?

    Jade Hays: It's not even a real date. We're just going to the mall and walk around.

    Nathan Hayes: If a boy asked you to go anywhere with him, it's a date.

    Nathan Hayes: You can't go on a date with anyone 'til they come and talk to me. And they have no business talking to me until you're 17.

  • Adam Mitchell: [accidentally repeating to his boss, twice] Okay, love you. Bye.

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