ATM movie plot

2022-03-29 08:01
The annual Christmas season has finally arrived. At the carnival party, investment company employee David (Brian Geraghty) finally summoned the courage to tell the beautiful female employee Emily (Alice Eve) who had just resigned. Alice Eve) spoke up, and halfway through the party, the two drove back with their friend Corey (Josh Peck). It was almost late at night, and three people who wanted to buy something to eat entered an ATM service station to withdraw money, but when they were about to go out, they found a mysterious and gloomy figure standing outside. a strange homeless man.
David and the others were trapped in this way, a seemingly random attack, and everything seemed to be under the control of the mysterious person. Can they escape in the end? Or fall victim to terrorist attackers   ?
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ATM quotes

  • Corey Thompson: Go talk to her.

    David Hargrove: I can't.

    Corey Thompson: Why can't you?

    David Hargrove: Because I left my balls at home.

    Corey Thompson: No, not again.

    David Hargrove: Yep. Left 'em right there on the dresser.

    Corey Thompson: Right next to your nightgown?

    David Hargrove: Yeah, right next to it. In fact, it's probably covering them, keeping them warm.

    Corey Thompson: That's good, like a, like a male penguin.

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