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2022-03-28 08:01
The film not only replaces the background of the novel, but also modifies many settings of the original novel to varying degrees, making the novel and the film present different colors under the same story pivot. Unlike the novel, the adaptation of the film does not retain a retrospective perspective, but directly evokes the time of the tragic event. There are two lines in the film, the main line is Miss C's sinful road, and the secondary line is the new life of the girls. These two clues develop in parallel, and at the end they form a double gesture of falling and ascension, and the opportunity in between is the appearance and death of Fiama. In the novel, the clue of the story is the only one - the evil that the extreme environment spawns. The existence of Miss G is just an introduction to the psychological process and tragic events of the young girls. The simplification of tense in the film and the addition of narrative clues serve the drama of the film. The film selects the dramatic elements in the novel—Miss G’s false personality that is good at disguise is finally exposed—as the main body of the film, And through the ending reveals the different outcomes of the two life choices. It increases the visibility of the story, which is simple and easy to understand, but also flattens a deep thinking about juvenile issues into a conspiracy story of good and evil, which makes the description and reveal of the complicated life of the novel ignored and simplified. The narrative of the film is relaxed and the actors' performances are convincing. However, the adaptation of the novel has the tendency of simplification, simplification, and excessive pursuit of drama, which makes the original deep thinking on the problem in the novel dispelled.  
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  • Nina 2022-04-05 09:01:07

    I always feel that each of us may have had a miss G in our hearts! Use all kinds of imaginings to cover up the empty, shallow and true self! I want to use a disguised charm to attract the admiration of other people, but some people just think about it and some people really become miss G! I remember that I had met such a person before, who made up all kinds of lies to attract the attention and admiration of the people around me. I longed for her to change, but it was fruitless!

  • Alexzander 2022-03-28 09:01:14

    Cherish life and stay away from strange teachers.

Cracks quotes

  • Miss G: The most important thing in life is desire. You can achieve anything you want. The world is yours for the taking. Nothing is impossible for you, my girls. All you need is to desire it.

  • Rosie: Divinations are ungodly!

    Poppy: Oh, Rosie, it's Keats!

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