Curdled movie plot

2022-05-11 23:34
Synopsis Gabrielwitnessed a corpse at a murder scene as a child, causing her to subconsciously feel a little scared and a little curious about this bizarre experience. Living in high-crime Miami, Gabriel remains fascinated by the details of the murders, reading the news and making newspaper clippings every day. A series of decapitations occurred in Miami, and the victims were all young women withgold. The murderer was therefore crowned the title of the noble killer; Gabriel was equally curious about the motive of this mysterious killer. In order to get closer to the truth of the case, Gabriel went to a cleaning company specializing in cleaning up the aftermath of murder cases to apply for a maid, and happened to come to the place where the noble killer recently committed the crime, who knows. 
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Extended Reading
  • Marguerite 2022-05-11 18:03:07

    When the curiosity left over from childhood is finally satisfied, the natural bloodthirsty or the awakening of the id? A dance performed by the heroine to restore the scene of the crime can be described as the finishing touch.

  • Laverna 2022-05-11 22:30:46

    Not only Quentin's bad taste, but also Quentin's "cameo" (he also pulled in the invincible George Clooney). Basically, Quentin's productions are true B-rated films, and his own directs are A-rated films with B-level fun. The difference between A and B lies not only in the production, but also in the play, thought and concept.

Curdled quotes

  • Gabriela: Do they talk?

    Paul Guell: What?

    Gabriela: The heads.

    Paul Guell: What do you mean?

    Gabriela: When you cut them...

    Paul Guell: No. It's the face. It's in their eyes.

    Gabriela: Yes, but after that. Sometimes the head says some words?

    Paul Guell: The head - doesn't - no. No.

    Gabriela: They're supposed to talk...

    Paul Guell: They don't, o...

    [gaining composure]

    Paul Guell: They don't. I know, okay? They don't.

    Gabriela: I think they talk. They could tell you something.

  • [last lines]

    Paul Guell: [gasping] Gabriela.

    Gabriela: Hmm.

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