Curious George movie plot

2022-03-20 08:01
A variety of wild animals live in the dense African jungle. Among them is a lively, mischievous little monkey George. Jumping up and down the jungle all day, and satisfying his curiosity everywhere, George can always cause trouble for himself in time, but he is kind and witty. Journey of curiosity. However, one day, a man named Ted in a rhubarb hat came to the forest and changed the life of the naughty little monkey George. The big yellow hat on the head of this big man who was also adventurous immediately caught George's attention, so it quietly climbed to the branch above the man's head to take advantage of it and grabbed the yellow hat. Played carelessly. This move of little George attracted the interest of the man under the tree. As a result, this "magic" yellow hat became the "love thing" for the two who met and became good partners in the future.
After becoming friends with Ted, Curious George boldly left the African jungle. With him, he came to the big city inhabited by human beings and experienced all the fresh feelings brought by human civilization. Faced with this new and ever-changing world in front of him, George's little monkey's curiosity is even more vigorous, and he wants to feel everything he sees. As he continued to try new things, George also made troubles one after another. Fortunately, there was a friend in a rhubarb hat behind him who was constantly helping him out of the predicament. So George's trip to the big city is always spent in a thrilling thrill, and during this period, he made a lot of new friends. At the same time, it is precisely because of such a partner that George's adventures become more and more exciting   .
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  • Johnson 2022-04-23 07:05:32

    Cute and naughty little monkey. When the bookish and slightly dogmatic Ted met him, he also became adventurous and experienced a series of adventures. Interesting. The music inside is good. Jack Johnson.

  • Maia 2022-03-20 09:03:10

    127 Good-looking animation does not have to rely on technology. Whimsical and childlike are enough... Jack Johnson is responsible for the soundtrack of the whole film

Curious George quotes

  • Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: The world doesn't need another parking lot. It needs a place where kid's minds can grow.

    Junior Bloomsberry: Exactly, so I was thinking they can grow by counting all the spaces on the parking lot. Come on, how fun is that?

  • Animal Control Receptionist: Animal Control Hotline. How can we help you?

    Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: I need you to come to the Bloomsbury Institute right away. There's a very dangerous monkey.

    Animal Control Receptionist: Can you describe dangerous, sir?

    Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Well, he's frothing at the mouth, has teeth like Ginzu knives, and-and crazy eyes. He's a killer! Listen to this

    [makes monkey noises]

    Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Hey, put down that child! Oh, the horror!

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