Custody movie plot

2022-07-20 19:33
An impatient judge has just listened to father Anthonyand mother Milannelawyers, and few care about the fate of their daughter Josephine, who is about to turn 18, so this The hearing focuses on 12-year-old Julian, whose wishes determine the outcome of the trial. However, instead of appearing in court, he let the lawyer make his own statement: He did not wish to have any contact with his father. The mother, Milan, then made a sole custody application to the court because she suspected Anthony had caused bodily harm to their daughter. Anthony denied his wife's accusations of violence and firmly defended his right to see his children, with no evidence that Anthony harmed his daughter.
After the judge acquitted Anthony, he went to pick up his son Julian from the children's grandparents' house. Anthony forced Julian to have dinner at his grandparents' house. On the first weekend, Julian said he had a stomachache trying to get rid of him. He seemed to have to On the side of the mother. 
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