Day of Wrath movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
The background of this film is a small town in Denmark in 1623. An old woman is accused of being a witch by the townspeople. The townspeople will strip this lewd monster naked and tie her to the execution ground, and then burn her alive. Before she died, the witch cursed the old priest who presided over the execution, saying that he would also have a good death. Annie, the young wife of the old pastor, witnessed this scene and was so shocked that she seemed to be living in the shadow of the witch's curse. In fact, Anne did not love the pastor, but fell in love with the pastor's son. One day, they couldn't help but fall in love. This incestuous love made Annie have bad thoughts, wishing her husband really died. Before long, the priest really died. At the funeral, the pastor's mother angrily accused Annie of being a "witch" who not only committed lewdness, but also murdered her husband by witchcraft. The crowd was so angry that the townspeople clamored to tie Annie up and burn her to death. Is this what the Bible refers to as a "day of wrath"? 
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Day of Wrath quotes

  • Anne Pedersdotter: I see through my tears, but no one comes to wipe them away.

  • Boy's Choir: [singing] Day of Wrath. Day of Mourning. See fulfilled the prophet's warning. Heaven and earth in ashes burning. Oh what fear man's soul renders. When from Heaven the Judge descends. On whose sentence all depends. Wondrous sounds the trumpet sings...

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