42nd Street evaluation action

2022-04-07 08:01
"42nd Street" is clearly one of those very typical Broadway plots: a good Broadway director wants to make a final production, but his heroine gets injured on the eve of its premiere and is replaced by a new candidate , so the newcomer was a great success. This kind of plot seems to fall into the cliché, but this film makes this kind of old-fashioned plot gain by adding the love story of an old rich man, and the heroine did not cut off her love for her lover because of the temptation of money. many new ideas. The actor who plays the leading role in this film is indeed a well-known actor from Broadway, which adds a rare color to the visibility of this film in performance. The wonderful theatrical performance in the last twenty minutes of this film is so wonderful that the audience can hold their breath and bring an intoxicated smile on their faces, because the music and singing of this film have a power that penetrates the heart.
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  • Amely 2022-04-07 08:01:02

    The musical revealing the behind-the-scenes story of Broadway, taking the behind-the-scenes love entanglement of the stage artist as the warp, and the rehearsal process of the performance program as the weft, strengthens the theme of the backstage musical to express the fantasy victory. It fully exploited the motion performance of the camera, and filmed the singing and dancing scenes from various angles. The famous top photography created a performance area that can be raised and lowered that cannot be expressed on any stage, creating a "kaleidoscope"-style video spectacle.

  • Raleigh 2022-04-11 09:01:07

    Halo, it's actually a precede gold rush girl

42nd Street quotes

  • Chorus Boy: [Seated] Hey! Where ya sittin'? Where ya sittin'?

    Loraine: [On his lap] On a flagpole, dearie. On a flagpole.

  • Julian Marsh: [angry at seeing Denning in Miss Brock's room] I still don't know what *you're* doing here.

    Pat Denning: Well, if I thought it was any of your business, I'd tell you.

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