42nd Street movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
Julian Marsh is a very successful Broadway theater director who, despite his ill health, still wants to put out the perfect masterpiece before retiring, he got a big sum from an old rich man Investment, so I decided to write and direct a new drama. The rich old man fell in love with a female star who participated in the show, but the female star did not return his love because she was still deeply in love with her old lover, just after the rehearsal of the play was completed, just preparing for the premiere The eve of Dorothy Bullock, the leading actress, broke her knee, so a girl in the chorus named Peggy Saul came in instead of Dorothy, which was a huge success and became famous . So, the rich man also seems to have begun to empathize.
In the first few years of the talkie film, a flood of shoddy, quick-release musicals turned moviegoers off. Until the film was launched in 1933, it once again aroused the enthusiasm of American audiences with its extremely audio-visual entertainment, thus ushering in the golden age of Hollywood musicals in the 1930s. The plot describes a famous Broadway director who hopes to launch a perfect masterpiece before retiring, but encounters various difficulties in the process, and his health is also declining. The most deadly thing is that the heroine injured her knee on the eve of her premiere, so her stuntman came on stage to fight, unexpectedly, she became famous. Director Lloyd. Behnken made the story behind the theater lively and lively, and the choreographer, Bospi Beckley, was the first hero of the whole film. He successfully combined the motion of the movie camera with the luxurious stage performance, creating a "kaleidoscope" Reflecting the spectacle, he has since become a master of musicals   .
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    The musical revealing the behind-the-scenes story of Broadway, taking the behind-the-scenes love entanglement of the stage artist as the warp, and the rehearsal process of the performance program as the weft, strengthens the theme of the backstage musical to express the fantasy victory. It fully exploited the motion performance of the camera, and filmed the singing and dancing scenes from various angles. The famous top photography created a performance area that can be raised and lowered that cannot be expressed on any stage, creating a "kaleidoscope"-style video spectacle.

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    Halo, it's actually a precede gold rush girl

42nd Street quotes

  • Chorus Boy: [Seated] Hey! Where ya sittin'? Where ya sittin'?

    Loraine: [On his lap] On a flagpole, dearie. On a flagpole.

  • Julian Marsh: [angry at seeing Denning in Miss Brock's room] I still don't know what *you're* doing here.

    Pat Denning: Well, if I thought it was any of your business, I'd tell you.

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