42nd Street background creation

2022-04-07 08:01
The story of 42nd Street is based on a novel by Bradford Ropis. 42nd Street is the address of a theater that is now preparing to stage a new play, "Pretty Lady," and when the curtains are lifted, a wonderful audio-visual session begins, with director Andy Lane, writer Bent and Maggie and owner Billy Lawler came out one by one. Young Peggy Sawyer came in a hurry, still not in time to join the chorus. It turned out that she stood at the backstage entrance for a long time and never had the courage to walk in. Such a special girl caught Billy's attention and tried to help her, but director Julian Massey had other plans.
Doroth Brock is the older star on the set, but she hasn't had a successful production in 10 years, and 42nd Street may be her chance to make a comeback. Abner Dillion has always been her admirer, often giving her some precious gifts to win her favor. Julian must have the patience to deal with the big-name Doroth and her picky "grandfather", but the mischievous Pat Denning doesn't like to deal with Doroth.
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  • Green 2022-04-07 08:01:02

    I don't feel anything else, but photography really took off. By the way, I feel sorry for the audience who premiered in the film. After the stage play is too "movie-like", they can't see the perspective of God at all. Of course, the audience sitting in front of the screen is naturally It was very enjoyable to watch, and the last scene after the show was interesting.

  • Taryn 2022-04-07 08:01:02

    It's so interesting to look at the works of Ginger Rogers before he became famous. The future singing and dancing queen actually played a rustic, monocle-wearing, no-show role, and gave the chance to become a hit to others. The image of the noble lady is completely different (mainly because the face is too thin!). Although the last shot is undoubtedly self-justification and intoxication by Berkeley and/or Bacon, it is still very sad...

42nd Street quotes

  • Slim Murphy: Hey got a match?

    Pat Denning: Yep... why I guess so... yeah.

    Slim Murphy: Don't happen to know a guy named Pat Denning do ya?

    Pat Denning: Why yes.

    Slim Murphy: We got a message for him. This guy Pat Denning's a pretty wise mug but he ain't wise enough and if he don't lay off that Dorothy Brock dame, it's gonna be just too bad... for Denning, get me?

    Pat Denning: Alright I'll tell him.

    Slim Murphy: Yeah well...

    [punches Pat in the mouth and Pat falls down]

    Slim Murphy: that's so ya don't forget.

    Mug with Murphy: Yeah

    [He and Slim kick Pat then run off]

    Peggy Sawyer: Ohhhhh Pat... Pat... Pat... who were they?

    Pat Denning: Friends... with good advice.

  • Ann Lowell: [singing while eating an apple] Matrimony is baloney

    Loraine: [eating a banana] She'll be wanting alimony in a year or so;

    Ann LowellLoraine: Still they go and shuffle, shuffle off to Buffalo.

    Ann Lowell: When she knows as much as we know, she'll be on her way to Reno,

    Loraine: While he still has dough; she'll give him the shuffle

    Ann LowellLoraine: When they're back from Buffalo.

    Ann Lowell: I'll bet that she's the farmer's daughter

    Loraine: And he's that well-known traveling man;

    Ann Lowell: He once stopped down at the farm house,

    Loraine: That's how the whole affair began!

    Ann Lowell: He did right by little Nelly, with a shotgun at his bel... tummy, How could he say "No?"

    Ann LowellLoraine: He just had to shuffle, shuffle off to Buffalo.

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