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2022-04-07 08:01
The story of 42nd Street is based on a novel by Bradford Ropis. 42nd Street is the address of a theater that is now preparing to stage a new play, "Pretty Lady," and when the curtains are lifted, a wonderful audio-visual session begins, with director Andy Lane, writer Bent and Maggie and owner Billy Lawler came out one by one. Young Peggy Sawyer came in a hurry, still not in time to join the chorus. It turned out that she stood at the backstage entrance for a long time and never had the courage to walk in. Such a special girl caught Billy's attention and tried to help her, but director Julian Massey had other plans.
Doroth Brock is the older star on the set, but she hasn't had a successful production in 10 years, and 42nd Street may be her chance to make a comeback. Abner Dillion has always been her admirer, often giving her some precious gifts to win her favor. Julian must have the patience to deal with the big-name Doroth and her picky "grandfather", but the mischievous Pat Denning doesn't like to deal with Doroth.
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  • Hilma 2022-04-07 09:01:08

    Hollywood seems to be very keen on the subject of star-making, but unfortunately I am not very interested in it. But the last dance shot was quite a genius, and the movie posters have influenced how many younger generations.

  • Foster 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    I love this movie so much. It turned out that the thigh show that was one step away was imitating others.

42nd Street quotes

  • Chorus Boy: [Seated] Hey! Where ya sittin'? Where ya sittin'?

    Loraine: [On his lap] On a flagpole, dearie. On a flagpole.

  • Julian Marsh: [angry at seeing Denning in Miss Brock's room] I still don't know what *you're* doing here.

    Pat Denning: Well, if I thought it was any of your business, I'd tell you.

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