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2022-10-24 20:03
The name Boxcar Bertha is incomparable. The original name is Boxcar Bertha, the carriage Bertha, which is the name of the heroine in the film (she is neither cold-blooded nor thunderbolt, the hero is a strange person with a strong sense of morality in a certain way, of course also Not a cold-blooded thunderbolt. Well, that's probably how that gang of cops are described). The introduction on the envelope is also very bloody, saying that a male detective and three women are entangled, but in fact it is a journey between a woman and three men. Apart from the constant snatch and escape, it has nothing to do with the peach incident. The hidden triangle still exists. One of Martin Scorsese's early blockbuster films is still more Scorsese style. The color/narrative tension, and even his preference for choosing actors, are in the same line as later.
When you watch it, you will compare it to the so-called Bonnie and Clyde film noir in 1967 that pioneered new classical Hollywood movies. However, I personally feel that "Bonnie" is a black undercurrent under the calm humor, and "Cold Blood" is almost black. "Bonnie" will also make people smile in small places, and "Cold Blood" is black to the end. At the end of the film, the hero Bill was crucified in the form of the crucifixion outside the train car he hated so much, and he drifted away in Bertha's desperate pursuit. The end of the gunshots. The so-called end is over, let the dust settle.
Bill is a Bolshevism in the mouth of a policeman. When Bertha first saw him, he was giving a speech in the open air, complaining about the discrimination against blacks and the damage to the interests of the local people by the train (if there is any discrepancy in the facts, blame me for not being able to read enough English). Later, he was imprisoned and tortured because only he and his black inmates laughed and laughed. Even if he took part in Bertha's hilarious robbery along the way, it wouldn't hurt anyone. He even told Bertha to protest loudly with a gun, saying that I'm definitely not a criminal. Of the four, he was the only one who didn't wound anyone with a gun. This eccentric and tragic obsession with moral cleanliness eventually led to his death.
To some extent, Clyde has changed from a person with a criminal record to a robber with a gun. Is it really an official forcing the people to rebel? (Ha, of course not.) He's not a villain. For example, when robbing a bank, he will leave the customer's own hard-earned money. The hurting at the beginning was really unwilling. After getting into the car, he would tell Bonnie in an aggrieved tone like a child and said that I didn't want to hurt him at all, why did he kill me. Just give me the money. But then he shot without any hesitation, was it because he was born and cooked twice? burst.
Of course, this kind of story, even if the spring breeze is good at the beginning, will eventually return to the way that Skynet is sparse and not leaking. (Don't tell me how Ripley got away with it, Spacey is playing a trick with the police and how to get out of the police station, because that's just a small evil. The crime of robbing a bank and killing people can end up living together in the end, it's not in line with The actual situation also cannot satisfy the meaning of the film to educate the public ha) In most cases, I accept it with peace of mind, and I always have to pay it back when I come out. The few who looked sad and hoped that they could escape were only sunset dancing and male and female thieves.
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  • Rake Brown: [Snickers, reading a newspaper article] Listen to this, "The notorious labor radical and Bolshivek spy, Big Bill Shelly, along with certain of his desperate confederates, broke out of Shelby County Penal Farm, assaulting a guard."

    'Big' Bill Shelly: What's so funny about that?

    Rake Brown: I was laughing at the spy part. You don't look like no spy to me. I always thought they wear glasses.

  • Rake Brown: [Reading a newspaper article] "All other escapees, have been returned to custody, except for a negro." That's probably you, Von.

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