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2022-10-24 18:28
The early works of film master Martin Scorsese are engraved with a distinct brand of the times. " Boxcar Bertha " sold well after its release, but Martin Scorsese didn't get the chance to direct a new film right away. He pitched his script, "Cruel Street," to others, but couldn't find an investor. Later, through a friend's introduction, he obtained $150,000 in funds from a young heir, and started work with the original crew of " Boxcar Bertha ". The film is not very well-known among Martin's films, and because the script cannot be changed and the schedule is fixed, Scorsese has little room for himself in this film.
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Boxcar Bertha quotes

  • Boxcar Bertha: I want somethin' I ain't ever had.

    'Big' Bill Shelly: How you gonna get that?

    Boxcar Bertha: Guts and luck.

    'Big' Bill Shelly: Luck! Hell, luck is bein' a Vanderbilt or a Carnegie.

    Boxcar Bertha: Just grabbin' somethin' good when it comes by.

    'Big' Bill Shelly: Sure, enough, honey.

  • 'Big' Bill Shelly: Which way are you headed?

    Boxcar Bertha: I don't know.

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