The Most Dangerous Game production and distribution

2022-10-20 22:33
Production Company:
RKO RKO Radio Pictures Inc. [US]
Radio Pictures Ltd. [UK] . (1932) (UK) (theatrical)
Franfilmdis [France] . (1934) (France) (theatrical)
Alpha Video Distributors Inc. [US] . (DVD)
Bach Films [France] . (2003) (France) (DVD) [US] . (2003) (USA) (DVD)
LS Video [US]. (video)
Magnus Opus [Brazil] . (2005) (Brazil) (DVD)
Reel Media International [US] . (2004) (worldwide) (video)
Sinister Cinema [US] . (video)
Criterion Collection The Criterion Collection [US] . (USA) (DVD)
Unknown Video. (video)
release date
Country release/release date (details)
September 9, 1932. (premiere)
September 16, 1932
November 1934
The Republic of Finland Finland
September 21, 1988. (TV premiere)
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The Most Dangerous Game quotes

  • Eve: Oh Martin, turn in early, please.

    Martin: Don't worry. The Count will take care of me.

    Zaroff: Indeed I shall.

  • [first lines]

    Captain: The channel's here on the chart, all right, and so are the marking lights.

    First Mate on Yacht: Then what's wrong with them?

    Captain: Those lights don't seem to be in just the right place. They're both a bit out of position according to this.

    First Mate on Yacht: Two light buoys means a safe channel between the world over!

    Captain: "Safe between the world over" doesn't go in these waters.

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