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2022-10-20 15:26
The original book is that a famous hunter from New York Sanger Rainsford took a boat to South Africa to an island called ''ship trap'', which means ship's trap. Rainsford is a very good hunter. In his eyes, prey is thoughtless and painless. There is a sentence in the text that he said to a friend: ''There are only two kinds of creatures in this world, hunters and preys. Fortunately, you and I are both hunters. ''When the boat was in the middle of the ocean, RainsFord heard 3 gunshots coming from a distance, and after a storm, RainsFord fell into the water and the boat floated away. RainsFord swims to the island and sees a very luxurious castle, and the owner of the castle, Zaroff, is also a hunter and knows RainsFord. He told rainsFord that he no longer thought there was any prey that would interest him, but on this island he found it. what is it then? ----Humanity. Will RainsFord choose to hunt 'people' with Zaroff or refuse?
In the movie, a beautiful lady and her brother appeared, and the plot changed after that. In the book, RainsFord has been fighting alone, but in the movie, he is with her. The ending of the story is that they killed Zaroff together and took a boat. leave the island.
The book is a short story by Richard Connell , first published on January 19, 1924, and has been adapted several times since. The 1932 film starring Joel McCrea and Leslie Banks, the film is available in black and white and in color. The radio version was released on September 23, 1943, and there was also a TV version after that. Among the many versions, the book was more popular with most people. The title has another translation, ''The Most Dangerous Prey''.
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The Most Dangerous Game quotes

  • [first lines]

    Captain: The channel's here on the chart, all right, and so are the marking lights.

    First Mate on Yacht: Then what's wrong with them?

    Captain: Those lights don't seem to be in just the right place. They're both a bit out of position according to this.

    First Mate on Yacht: Two light buoys means a safe channel between the world over!

    Captain: "Safe between the world over" doesn't go in these waters.

  • Bob: This world's divided into two kinds of people: the hunter and the hunted. Luckily, I'm the hunter. Nothing can change that.

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