The Cameraman movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
Butters (Buster Keaton) is a little-known street cameraman, who accidentally met Sally (Marceline Day), the female secretary of the newsreel department of MGM. ), with Sally's recommendation, Butters came to MGM, wanting to apply to be The Cameraman there.
However, Butters' career path has been turbulent from the very beginning. Although he has failed many times, the kind Sally has always trusted and supported Butters, which makes Butters very moved and encouraged. Stag (Harold Goodwin) is a colleague of Butters, who is hotly pursuing Sally, and he doesn't care about the poor and crappy Butters at all. One day, Butters received a tip from Sally and rushed to Chinatown to shoot a major news. Who knew that after going through all the hardships and returning to the news department, he found that there was no video tape installed in his camera, and Sally was also implicated   .
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  • Nicholas 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    The Chinese Chinatown gang fight is the most interesting, as if taken to another world of adventure. Hollywood-style personal heroism, and finally embrace the beauty. Keaton, who has developed motor nerves, is still running all the way~

  • Zula 2022-04-10 09:01:09

    Good comedy, the action difficulty factor is much higher than Jackie Chan! That monkey is so cute!

The Cameraman quotes

  • Man in Bath-House: Will you keep out of my undershirt?

  • Cop: Did you ever find that flame you were looking for?

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