The Cameraman movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
Butters (Buster Keaton) is a little-known street cameraman, who accidentally met Sally (Marceline Day), the female secretary of the newsreel department of MGM. ), with Sally's recommendation, Butters came to MGM, wanting to apply to be The Cameraman there.
However, Butters' career path has been turbulent from the very beginning. Although he has failed many times, the kind Sally has always trusted and supported Butters, which makes Butters very moved and encouraged. Stag (Harold Goodwin) is a colleague of Butters, who is hotly pursuing Sally, and he doesn't care about the poor and crappy Butters at all. One day, Butters received a tip from Sally and rushed to Chinatown to shoot a major news. Who knew that after going through all the hardships and returning to the news department, he found that there was no video tape installed in his camera, and Sally was also implicated   .
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  • Brett 2022-04-07 09:01:08

    Quite an interesting film. The jokes are dense and the plot is very subtly woven into the camera. The section of changing clothes in the swimming pool is simply a stroke of genius, making people laugh from ear to ear. The funny little monkey and the unscathed dodging of the Chinatown shoot are the highlights of the film. The biggest highlight of the play is the delay of the climax, and the successful creation of the hero saving beauty and misunderstanding in the final scene, cleverly using the camera to capture it, and letting the truth come out through the final screening, which gives the audience a stronger sense of satisfaction.

  • Jamir 2022-04-07 08:01:02

    MGM disliked the filming of the "experimental movie", picked up the bus, had an embarrassing swimming pool experience, and entered the Chinatown battle alone. The lonely story of a small person, the final reversal, the ending is like a dream, whether it is in the arrangement of the jokes and the setting of the plot, it can be said to be another masterpiece of Keaton.

The Cameraman quotes

  • Organ Grinder: [to Buster who ran into him and knocked out his monkey] Now, see! You kill-a de monk!

    Cop: Pay him for that baboon... or I'll run you in!

  • Edward J. Blake: It's the Tong War!

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