Pandora's Box movie plot

2022-06-30 19:03
Lulu (Louise Brooks Louise Brooks) is a prostitute, and her lover, Mr. Sean, is in his fifties and has a child, Alva. Mr. Sean wants to marry a doctor's daughter. Lulu is unwilling and forces Mr. Sean to marry her. Mr. Shien had no choice but to marry her. At the wedding, Mr. Sean again discovers Lulu's intimacy with her pimp, Scousie, and pulls out a pistol. Shane is shot dead during an altercation with Lulu. The court found Lulu guilty of murder. Lulu flees with Alva, who is also infatuated with her, a countess who also loves her, Scourge and others. Later, Lulu fled to London with Alva and Scorsey. On Christmas Eve, Lulu meets the notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper, on the street. She took him into the room. 
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Pandora's Box quotes

  • Lulu: Alwa is my best friend, the only one who wants nothing from me. ma

  • Alwa Schön: Why don't you marry Lulu, Father?

    Dr. Ludwig Schön: One doesn't marry such a woman! It would be suicide!

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