Days of Glory movie plot

2022-03-22 08:01
In 1943, Saidis a young man with a broken arm in a mountain village in Algeria. He is timid and cowardly, but as a member of the French colony, he decides to join the army under the French propaganda offensive and join the liberation of France. He went to World War II to win his own honor; there were more than one North African Arab soldier who enlisted with him at the same time. Yasirtook his younger brother Rabbi to participate in the law for the simple idea of ​​"making money and marrying a wife". Army troops. Immediately afterwards, the soldiers were sent to the battlefield after simple training. On the eve of the first battle, these North African soldiers gathered around the fire and talked about "the army means equality", but the next day they were on the battlefield. Above immediately exposed their status in the army - cannon fodder. They were sent to the forefront to charge into battle and suffered heavy casualties, but for their lofty ideals, they were still loyal and heroic to kill the enemy. The battle was a huge victory. The surviving brothers were constantly fighting for the same rights and interests as the native French soldiers, but They will never be equal to the French soldiers. They can only rest in the city of Provence happily waiting to be sent back to their hometown. Here Massoudmet the beautiful and gentle French girl Elaine, and the two fell in love at first sight and quickly fell in love. Massoud was worried about the exposure of this cross-racial feeling, but Elaine didn't mind and threw herself into Massoud's arms enthusiastically. Said was busy telling local girls about his "past" war experiences. And with Kadel Bai's "Soldier's Handbook", he found that the manual clearly stipulates that all illiterate soldiers are not allowed to retire and go home, and the hierarchy is no exception to everyone. And the soldiers in North Africa have no chance of education, which is equivalent to immediately proclaiming that they have no chance to return home except to die in battle. What followed: Massoud's correspondence with Elaine was deliberately cut off by the post office because of apartheid. North African soldiers never get promoted. North African soldiers were strongly tempted by the Germans about going home. It was snowing heavily, and Yasser anxiously took care of his brother who had frostbitten feet in this endless torment. At the celebration, the military arranged for a ballet performance, and for Muslim soldiers, revealing women's clothing in public places was intolerable. The religious habit finally sparked the resentment of everyone who took to the streets to protest all the inequalities that have been going on. Kadel, who was leading the charge, was then locked up. The Germans surrendered, but the war was still not completely over, and Muslim soldiers were sent to a village in Alsace to join the American troops to protect the local villagers. On the way, people and materials were seriously damaged due to encountering landmines. For the sake of honor, they still rushed to the village and fought with their courage and their lives to the end. When the last-minute reinforcements arrived, only Kadel was left.   
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