Breaking and Entering evaluation action

2022-03-22 08:01
"Breaking and Entering" is a life drama focusing on small people, the film explores the eternal theme of human emotion - love and betrayal in the intricate relationship of characters   . Although the director focused his attention on the complicated relationship between various classes in the city, he did not take any critical perspective, but interprets the collision between the two classes from a humanistic perspective   . The calm image effect of the film highlights the inner distress and loneliness of the characters, which is very consistent with the overall tone of the film, making the pictures of the activity appear a different kind of beauty. However, despite the fact that there are many characters in life throughout the film, the story goes against common sense   .Review)
In "Breaking and Entering," Jude Law's character finds true love through disappointment and forgiveness, sending audiences up and down the tangled inner world. Juliette Binoche expresses the burning inner struggle through her firm, focused eyes, a restrained performance that is stronger and deeper than fully exposed emotion. And Vera Farmiga, who appeared in the image of a prostitute, also made witty words in the film   .
The opening scene of "Breaking and Entering" reminds the audience of the American film "Mrs. and Mrs. Smith". However, with the crisp sound of broken glass, a story similar to "Crash" and "Tower of Babel" slowly unfolded   . However, the hero Will's feelings for Amira are so inexplicable that it leaves the audience feeling puzzled   .
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Breaking and Entering quotes

  • Orit: Bea? My car keys. Where's the battery? Bea. Hey, I need the battery. Don't... We're human. Don't punish us. We get fed up.

    Orit: Fed up? Is that about the diet?

    Will Francis: No, it means "upset". I don't know why. It's a metaphor. Remember, we spoke about those. "Cried your eyes out" doesn't mean your eyeballs fall out. Metaphors. Fed up. It's nothing to do with food. Where's my battery, Bea?

  • Liv: [to Will] If you were measuring how far away from where we need to be, you and me, is that a long way?

    Will Francis: I don't think you can ask a question like that. It's not...

    Liv: Put on a suit, sound like a suit.

    Will Francis: [Takes off his suit jacket] Feels a long, long way, right now, from where it needs to be. I wish we could unsay and unhurt back to wherever that is, and start again.

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