Breaking and Entering movie plot

2022-03-22 08:01
 Architect Willa young, handsome, wealthy, urban yuppie. He has a loving family, his wife Livis remarried, and he has a young daughter with his ex-husband. Although Liv is beautiful and gentle, Will often feels that Liv loves his daughter far more than he loves him, which makes Will's marriage gradually dull. Will's office is suddenly and repeatedly burgled. After calling the police to no avail, Will decides to solve the matter on his own. Ambushed in the office, he witnessed the young Muslim Milobreaking into his office to steal things. Will followed Milo all the way to his slum home, but gave up on Milo. Intention to hand over to the police. Because he saw Milo's beautiful mother Amira.
During the investigation of Milo and Amira, Will learns that Amira is a Bosnian refugee who brought her son Milo to London from Sarajevo, working as a seamstress to support the family, while Milo works for her mother It is not so hard to secretly participate in the theft without her knowledge. Will was deeply attracted by the independent, strong and exotic Amira, so he began to pursue Amira, but Milo's hostility to Will became a major obstacle for Amira to accept Will . A confused Will wanders between two women, who are in different classes and backgrounds, but also have a desperate love for their children, which makes Will never be able to occupy all of their hearts   .
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  • Sophia 2022-03-22 09:03:03

    Contrary to wood, I really don't like older Juliette Binoche.

  • Ida 2022-03-29 09:01:09

    Too ordinary, one more star for Qiuqiu and Chaomen

Breaking and Entering quotes

  • Orit: Bea? My car keys. Where's the battery? Bea. Hey, I need the battery. Don't... We're human. Don't punish us. We get fed up.

    Orit: Fed up? Is that about the diet?

    Will Francis: No, it means "upset". I don't know why. It's a metaphor. Remember, we spoke about those. "Cried your eyes out" doesn't mean your eyeballs fall out. Metaphors. Fed up. It's nothing to do with food. Where's my battery, Bea?

  • Liv: [to Will] If you were measuring how far away from where we need to be, you and me, is that a long way?

    Will Francis: I don't think you can ask a question like that. It's not...

    Liv: Put on a suit, sound like a suit.

    Will Francis: [Takes off his suit jacket] Feels a long, long way, right now, from where it needs to be. I wish we could unsay and unhurt back to wherever that is, and start again.

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