Breaking and Entering creative background

2022-03-22 08:01
In 1991, Anthony Minghella CBE began to consider creating another movie set in London after filming "One House, One Ghost, One Lover". The original plot was set to find that the home was ransacked after the couple returned at night. Later, Minghella put the filming plans on hold for a while. In 2002, Minghella's office was stolen 18 times. This experience became the impetus for Minghella to write the script and customize the shooting plan   .
Minghella not only wrote the actual experience of thieves stealing into the screenplay, but also changed his thinking on the basis of his original idea, arguing that the crime will also lead to a remedy. The reason why Minghella set the scene of the script in London is because London is a place where multiple cultures coexist and merge, and in the multi-level social class, there is a kind of lower class invisibly   .
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    Life needs deconstruction and reconstruction, and life also needs choices, some people have it, some people don't. A middle-aged man who is suppressed by life and can only talk to prostitutes, a woman who takes care of her daughter because of her illness and is not worried that her husband is not his own, a boy whose dead father was used by underworld uncles, a man who has worked hard to raise her. Mothers of children whose lives are intertwined by drama. Other propositions are communication, trust---

Breaking and Entering quotes

  • Liv: My father died, my mother died, my sister died. It's a family with a short life expectancy, I think.

    Will Francis: And a grandmother of 93.

    Liv: And a grandmother of 93. But some days the cup is empty and some days it's 93% full.

  • Oana: £50. Whatever you want.

    Will Francis: What's your name?

    Oana: Except talk.

    Will Francis: What if I want to talk?

    Oana: Call the Samaritans.

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