Running with Scissors evaluation action

2022-03-22 08:01
"Running with Scissors" is a topical work with a lot of gimmicks. The cast has brought together a number of acting stars. The characters on the scene have different personalities and have a lot to watch. It is difficult to achieve good box office results after its release. It's a pity that the director seems to use all his strength on how to design ingenious and ingenious scenes, instead of reproducing the real and tactile emotions in the original absurdity at the emotional level. This directly led to the wracked humorous irony and the maverick character setting all losing their charm, and the film was downgraded to a "failed American Beauty". However, the acting actors headed by Annette Bening still saved some face for the film. Unfortunately, due to the low evaluation of the work, it is difficult for Bening to win the Academy Award no matter how good his acting skills are   .
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Running with Scissors quotes

  • Deirdre Burroughs: I'm unhappy.

    Norman Burroughs: I'm unhappy.

    Dr. Finch: Norman. If you're so unhappy, why stay in this marriage?

    Norman Burroughs: I don't know why. My son.

    Dr. Finch: I don't think that's why you stay, Norman. I think you stay because it's comfortable. It's what you know. You were trapped in your childhood by a castrating mother and as an adult male you have sought the same female archetype.

    Deirdre Burroughs: [nodding] Well, that's - just - brilliant... and very true.

  • Natalie: You know what, Augusten? I'm not gonna throw you a pity party. So fucking just get over yourself.

    Augusten Burroughs: FUCK you, Natalie. You don't know what it's like to be sent away.

    Natalie: You're right, I don't.

    Augusten Burroughs: And you don't know what it's like to have a boyfriend that's just USING you.

    Natalie: Lucky me.

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