Racing Stripes behind the scenes gags

2022-10-17 15:30
  • "Racing Stripes" was inspired by a horse race in 2000, when executive producer Steve Wingner and friend screenwriter David Smet made a bet over ponies, and they looked at the track and remembered that horse racing could make a movie , especially when a racehorse is not an elite breed.
  • At the beginning of the filming, it was generally believed that it was impossible to use real zebras. The trainers thought "maybe" it could be done, so the makers decided to give it a go.
  • With the help of zebra trainer Steve Martin, two zebras named Columbia and Zoe are used to play the role of striped cubs, one of which must complete the scene of being chased by the big bird and straying into the chicken coop, as well as the chase Funny scene from truck training.
  • Eight zebras played young stripes, and three months of training made these zebras safe enough for filming: Gina was able to lie down and plow; Desi and Semy were used to ride   .
  • The film is director Frederic Duzhou's second feature-length film   .
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Racing Stripes quotes

  • Goose: Jeez! I didn't know the goat was packin'!

  • Goose: Now you're talking, baby! Let's do this, barnyard style.

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