Racing Stripes evaluation action

2022-10-17 22:20
"Racing Stripes" feels like a cartoon, but the filmmakers prefer to think of it as a sports movie, a family movie, because the animals in it are all alive. The dubbing in the film is the real protagonist. The voices of the actors with distinct personalities complete the characters with distinct personalities in the film. The jokes in it are suitable for all ages. Used in combination, the clever combination of long sentences and short sentences makes one wonder how this pompous guy has so much to say.
It's a movie that doesn't look tired, and although the ending is unpredictable, the process is quite enjoyable. Using the international general plot to create a lovely child, a trustworthy father and a small animal with vivid personality, after many setbacks and failures, he finally succeeded and obtained the most cherished human nature. thing. But being able to shoot the story of the rise of an old-fashioned oppressed with such relish is a testament to the excellent filmmaking skills of the main creators. The entry of the film is very lazy, just like the neutral sunshine in the southern United States, because it was shot in South America, it goes without saying that the scenery is seductive. Children should love it because it is a counterpart movie made for them, and adults should also love it because they have dreams of their youth   .
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Racing Stripes quotes

  • Ruffshodd: Hey Plow Boy! You missed a spot!

  • Tucker: Goose, who's a pelican who's really a stool pigeon who's a chicken who ducks. That's five birds, count 'em.

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