Racing Stripes movie plot

2022-10-17 19:51
On a stormy, stormy day, a circus circus lost a zebra cub. The little zebra was later taken in by kindly Nolan Walsh on his farm and became a pet companion for his daughter Chau. Walsh, once a famous horse trainer, gave up his racing career and lived a quiet life on a Kentucky farm with his daughter.
This little zebra is called Stripe, and it quickly integrated into the animal family on the farm. Led by the quirky Shetland pony Tuck and the wise old Franny the goat, these animal "natives" include the nervous pelican Gus, the lazy hound Retnin and the odd chicken who doesn't care .
Walsh's farm is adjacent to the Twee Racetrack, where high-caliber races are held every year, and the winner of the race will receive the Kentucky crown. From the moment the Stripe saw the track, he decided to dedicate himself to the glorious cause of horse racing, and if he had the chance, he must leave those thoroughbred brethren behind for ashes. But what it didn't know yet was that it wasn't actually a horse, to be precise.
But the stripe's enthusiasm was out of control, and it trained itself hard for the moment of incomparable glory. Uncle Tucker, who had trained a lot of racing horses, was also infected by its enthusiasm and started off-field guidance. Like the stripes, there is Zha, but his father refuses to let his daughter race because of fear of injury. With Cha Ming's hard work, Old Walsh finally came out again, training his daughter and Stripe to win the title.
There is also a horse racing shop near the farm, which is owned by the ruthless Clara, who is rich and ruthless. Stripes were the last to see the thoroughbred racehorses in the line, headed by the domineering Trenton's car, who always laughed at his origins and unusual appearance. But there are also good people among them, especially the beautiful horse sister Sandy, whose admiration and love for stripes angered a lot of horse brothers and sisters.
In the days of trying to win his dreams, Stripes also made some good friends, most notably horse flies - Booth and Seuss, the rap twins who love singing and dancing as much as they love hot dogs and horse dung . The days of the competition are getting closer and closer, with strong competitors and huge stakes, Pinpoint and Stripe must be able to withstand the pressure to win the crown. Many people are looking forward to the news of their victory, and of course the most eagerly awaited is Ma's sister Sandy.
The ending is doomed, the real winners are those who work hard, and success should belong to those who have been supporting them around   .
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