Running with Scissors movie plot

2022-03-22 08:01
In 1971, Augustine, who has a serious cleanliness and is extremely sensitive, finds himself in the quagmire of his parents: his mother Deirdre, a confessional poet who has never published any works, lives in what he thinks is famous for a long time despite his obscurity. the delusion; father Norman, an alcoholic math professor, had long since given up any effort to solve his wife's delusion and his son's precocious problems.
As the Burroughs family is about to fall apart, Deirdre enlists Finch, an eccentric neurologist, to help resolve the crisis. Known for his eclectic, unconventional remedies, Dr. Finch quickly brought the family under his control and protection. Augustine had doubts about Dr. Finch's weirdness from the very beginning. There are many strange things in Finch's office, and the mysterious lounge made Augustine feel even more mysterious. In the end, Dr. Finch was still unable to save Augustine's parents' broken marriage. To make matters worse, the divorced Deirdre checked into a motel and continued to paralyze herself with Valium, while Augustine was handed over to Dr. Finch and became A member of the Finch family.
Augustine began his adopted life in a weird and crazy house. It's like another planet here, where dog food is eaten as a snack, sedatives are chewed up like candy, and all great prophecies are born in the bathroom. Augustine quickly and unknowingly integrated into the family: the hysterical Mrs. Finch, the eldest daughter Hope who depends on the Bible for everything, the rebellious youngest daughter Natalie who likes to dance in disco, and lives in the Finch home. Adopted son Neil Bookman, 35, of the backyard shed. Living with these people, Augustine entered into his own surreal life   .
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  • Mona 2022-03-22 09:03:03

    I think it's ironic to define this film as a comedy. In the first half, I almost turned this film into a boring film, but in the second half I found it to be a very good film. The psychology professor is a neurotic himself and thinks that God dictates by poop. Two children who yearn for the warmth of the family, the desire to be bound and the desire to break through everything, finally embarked on the path of their own hope. Very delicate.

  • Bryana 2022-03-22 08:01:03

    Absurd hysteria? But maybe you and I are the lone geek who put his arms into the air and say "hug back" We need so-called rules and rules 'cause we'll be pleasantly surprised when we don't have it for a while Agnes is the real wise man

Running with Scissors quotes

  • Neil Bookman: You OK with what happened?

    Augusten Burroughs: Yeah. Sure. Well, thanks for everything.

    Neil Bookman: Thank you. Thank YOU for everything.

  • Dr. Finch: Where would we be without our painful childhoods?

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