Death Rides a Horse movie plot

2022-10-22 18:09
Bill Majeda, whose entire family was killed in an attack by bandits when he was a child, managed to escape because of the secret help of one of the attackers. For fifteen years, he has been training marksmanship and finding out the whereabouts of his enemies. But recently, he has been in constant contact with Ryan (Lee Van Cleef), who has just been released from prison. The two always appear at the same time on various occasions like an appointment, and in the process, Get to know each other. Ryan, like Bill, is taking revenge, and he seems to be inextricably linked to Bill's tragic childhood.
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Death Rides a Horse quotes

  • Wolcott: I've been working at this for years. Building their confidence in me, the citizens, as well as the governor of this state. But the most important thing is that finally, believe it or not, I have in my bank more than a million dollars, now. The funds the state deposited with me in view of our future public works. What do you think, Ryan? Should I build their stupid old public works with this mountain of dollars?

    [Walcott's bandits laugh]

    Wolcott: Well, they don't think I should. I guess I'll have to go along with their idea.

  • Walcott Henchman: What's the matter hero? Change your mind?

    Bill: Yeah... I've decided to kill you.

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