The Sicilian Clan evaluation action

2022-10-22 13:01
The layout of the film is clearly structured, and there are twists and turns. Starting from the opening of the Sicilian family's rescue of Sadan in the prisoner's van, there are many dramatic climaxes, such as how Delon went out to hire prostitutes to cause trouble; how the wife of the insurance company's attache found out that her husband was not on the plane and recognized him when she called the police; the detective How to spy on his sister and make the Sicilian brothers arrested, etc., these designs can be echoed back and forth, pushing the plot step by step to the climax of the arrest of the last group of bandits. However, if the director can put more effort into it, he should be able to deal with the climaxes and neatness.   
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The Sicilian Clan quotes

  • Vittorio Manalese: Well, personally, I trust the engineer. He sounds okay to me. This is a professional job.

    [Turns and looks at Roget Sarte]

    Vittorio Manalese: You're the one I don't trust!

    Roget: Me?

    Vittorio: Yeah, you! All your brains are below your belt! You almost got us all in cold storage last night playing games in a whorehouse!

  • Rovel: I was sound asleep, and they burst into my room and turned everything upside down!

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