The Bridge at Remagen evaluation action

2022-10-22 21:30
 "TheBridgeatRemagen:" as a work of art, this feature film has added a lot of fictional characters and plots, and the connotation is quite rich.
The Remagen Bridge was occupied by the US military. "Like a scalpel, it cut a hole in the German Rhine River defense line!" More than 100 German engineers guarding the town of Elbore on the other side of the river launched a suicide charge. Almost all killed! The German artillery bombarded the bridge and the bridge erected by the US military, and even dispatched the Jet Plane , which had just been developed at the time, to blow up the bridge, and later launched 11 V1 missiles, but it was incredible that all of these failed to work; and At the same time, U.S. engineers worked hard day and night to reinforce the damaged bridge body to ensure that a large number of infantry and tanks would continuously advance into the German hinterland. Adolf Hitler was very angry and ordered all personnel associated with the fall of the Remagen Bridge to all but one person. Shootout!
——Thanks to the American military reporters who shot so many scenes of capturing the Remagen Bridge and strengthening the bridge in such a dangerous environment! ! !
Due to the fatal damage to the main bridge arch in the German bombing, and the passage of people and vehicles for several days, the bridge was overwhelmed. At 15:00 p.m. on March 27, less than an hour after the bridge was announced to be closed, the Remagen Bridge collapsed, killing 28 American engineers who were on a maintenance mission at the time and injuring 63 others.
For many years after the war, people can often see Mr. Blattergee, Captain William Blattage, the bridge guard at that time, wandering alone under the remaining twin towers at the bridge head, contemplating for a long time.
The film describes the war environment at that time in great detail: the old and frail "People's Storm" members who guarded the German town, the child who shot at the US military alone at the window and was shot through by random guns - a determined man. " Adolf Hitler Youth League Member", the desperate wounded soldiers on the train. Germany was already defeated like a mountain at that time, and even the elderly and children were on the front line. These scenes are not shown much in other World War II-themed films. ;
The film has created a series of vivid images of soldiers. The most impressive one is the handsome, resourceful German officer Major Brian who likes to play with exquisite cigarette cases, but he is a real fictional character! Even so, he still reflects the embarrassing situation of the German soldiers at that time - especially at the end of the film, Major Brian was executed by Waffen-SS because of the fall of the bridge. Enemy?" It made my heart tremble!
This 1969 film has a fair evaluation of the descriptions of the soldiers on both sides of the enemy, and the plot structure is compact and the scenes are magnificent. It is a good film that should not be ignored!
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The Bridge at Remagen quotes

  • Major Barnes: Look, uh, Hartman, I know it's been a hard blow. It's always a shock to lose a buddy, a man you worked with and fought with. I mean, we're all human. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I realize Captain Colt was your friend. He was my friend, too.

    Lt. Phil Hartman: Bullshit.

    [Long pause]

    Major Barnes: Would you, uh... care to rephrase that, Lieutenant?

    Lt. Phil Hartman: You don't have any friends out here, Major. Neither do I. We can't afford them. Neither one of us.

  • Major Paul Kreuger: Germany has lost four million sons.

    Greta Holzgang: I pity them. But I pity most my own son.

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