The Bridge at Remagen movie plot

2022-10-22 17:30
This is a war story that took place at the end of World War II. A team of Allied death squads were ordered to guard the Remagen Iron Bridge, a strategically important bridge on the Rhine River in Germany. Seeing that the development of the war was unfavorable for their own side, the German army attempted to blow up the iron bridge to prevent the Allied forces from attacking, but the Allied forces did their best to capture and protect the bridge, and the two sides launched a fierce offensive and defensive battle. There are many war action films with similar stories. The reason why this film is still interesting is that the director John. Gilleming's handling of the plot development is quite compact and neat, and the blasting scenes are also exciting. Plus a group of action star George. Siegel, Robert. Vaughan, Ben. Gaizara and others have performed well, which makes people seem to be still enjoying themselves.
On March 6, the U.S. Sixth Army captured Cologne, thus forming a continuous line of Allied forces echoing end to end in the area of ​​more than 100 miles between Nimigen and Cologne in the Netherlands. South of Cologne, the German Fifth Panzer Army faced the American First and Third Armies, which were rapidly breaking through German positions. After the capture of Cologne, the U.S. military was not satisfied with the existing victories. After the defeat of the German Fifth Panzer Army, if they continued to pursue them, they would probably be surrounded by the German troops before they could rest. Currently this works. On March 7, the U.S. Seventh Army set off from Cologne to attack Bonn, and the U.S. Third Army went to seize the bridge over the Eyre. At noon that day, the B battle group of the US 7th Armored Division (part of the US 3rd Army) heard exciting news: the Erich Von Ludendorff iron bridge over the Rhine River in the Remagen region has not been bombed by the Germans. It was a godsend to take the bridge in its entirety. Therefore, the US 7th Armored Division pounced on Remagen. In the afternoon, when the U.S. 7th Armored Division was preparing to cross the bridge, the opposite German army was about to detonate the bridge, but failed, so that the U.S. 7th Armored Division successfully crossed the Rhine River and established a stable bridgehead.
Huge bridgehead blockhouses guard both sides of the bridge
At this point Adolf Hitler , in a fit of rage, began to bomb the Erich Von Ludendorff iron bridge with artillery pounding, and also transferred from Bonn the German and 512th independent heavy expulsion tank battalions (commanded by Ernst and Otto Carius ) The " Tiger Hunting " even used a V-2 rocket. It was not until March 17 that the bridge was blown up. But six U.S. divisions, including one armored division, have gained a firm foothold on the east bank of the river. 
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The Bridge at Remagen quotes

  • Lt. Phil Hartman: [sees Angelo stealing items off corpses] You know something, Angel? You're a pig.

    Sgt. Angelo: [grins] I love you too... sir.

  • Major Paul Kreuger: [Calling on field radio to side of bridge under attack by Americans] Sgt. Becker Sgt. Becker, this is Major Kreuger calling.

    Lt. Phil Hartman: [Answers German radio] He's dead, Major!

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