Anne of the Thousand Days movie plot

2022-10-22 12:28
In 1526, King Henry VIII of England was fed up with his old wife and took a fancy to the young and beautiful Anne Boleyn. Because Anne rejected Henry VIII, the king became angry and planned to destroy Anne's marriage with Henry Percy, and promoted Anne to the queen's maid of honor. King Henry launched his courtship offensive. In order to please the king, the minister Cromwell helped the king handle the divorce procedures. The king held the clerical power, desperate, because Anne forced the king to do this because she could not sleep together without marriage. Soon, King Henry, who was fond of the new and disliked the old, fell in love with the maid Jane Simon, and Anne was despised by the king because she could not give birth to a male heir, and was sent to the Tower of London on unbearable charges. 
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Anne of the Thousand Days quotes

  • King Henry VIII: I think we shall dance well together. If I lead strongly, will you - softly follow?

    Jane Seymour: I hope so, Your Grace.

  • Anne: Whilst I am here, Jane Seymour must lie elsewhere.

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