Desperate Housewives movie plot

2022-04-18 17:34
In a fictional suburban residential area in the United States, Wisteria Road, the residents here are prosperous and happy, and their lives are peaceful and peaceful, but all of this was completely shattered by a gunshot. The most beautiful and charming housewife among the community residents, Mary Alice YoungSuddenly committed suicide in her perfect home. But this is not the end of Mary's story. Death gives her the opportunity to look down on life from a new perspective.
While Mary’s girlfriends were surprised by her suicide, they continued their lives: Susan Meieris a divorced single mother. A long-lasting love. When Susan saw the newly moved plumber Mike, she thought that the arrow of Eros had finally been shot in the right place, and a beautiful love life was about to begin; Lynette Sgawaused to be a strong woman in the workplace, but four mischievous children occupy her current life, and Lynette sadly finds that she, who is invincible at work, cannot Get along with her neighbors in the community; Brie van der Campgoverns the house with a strong iron-fist style, from the garden to her husband, everything is under her control, until Brie is shocked Discovered that her husband had an affair, her rule over the entire family began to fall apart; Gabriel Solis, the youngest housewives, has everything that is enviable——Zeng As a model, she is young and beautiful, married to a wealthy husband, and owns a luxurious house, but these can't fill the emptiness of Gabriel's heart. She is eyeing the handsome gardener who is only 17 years old.
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Desperate Housewives quotes

  • George Williams: Where are you going Bree?

    Bree: I'm taking my champagne and ageing eggs and I'm going.

  • Bree: Maybe they'll just be happy for you.

    Gabrielle: Bree, my friends are models, they're not happy for anyone.

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