Dhobi Ghat movie plot

2022-03-30 08:01
Shai ( Monica Dogra  ) is a bank investor who deals with the economy all day long but has a unique hobby - photography. She applied for a paid research program and came to Mumbai, where she used a camera to photograph all kinds of people and things in Mumbai in her eyes. At an art exhibition, she met Arun ( Aamir Hussain Khan )   , the owner of the exhibition's works. Arun is a silent painter who doesn't like to talk, but unexpectedly talks with shai very much and gradually gets better. However, after the one-night stand, Arun's performance was very cold, and he expressed remorse for what happened last night, calling it the effect of alcohol. Shai was embarrassed. Shai, who couldn't change clothes because of the soiled clothes, left wearing Arun's shirt, and Arun soon moved to a new house.
Munna (Prateik Babbar) is a male laundry worker living in a slum, and he and his brother's family came to Mumbai from their hometown to live a hard life. During the process of delivering clothes to shai, shai became interested in his work and wanted to photograph the process of his work. Munna, who ideally wanted to become a star, hoped that shai could help him take pictures. At the same time, shai, who is still full of interest in arun, accidentally knew that munna was also working for arun. She learned of arun's new address through munna, and began to secretly film him. At the same time, she also learned of arun's unfortunate marriage through munna. Shi, the divorce more than two years ago kept Arun silent. On the other hand, when munna took shai to shoot Mumbai, the relationship between the two became deeper and deeper, shai regarded munna as a good friend, and munna also fell in love with shai silently.
In his new home, arun discovers three long-lost videotapes from Yasmin, who started the film. She talked to her brother through videotape, recorded Mumbai for her brother, arun also inspired new inspiration through her videotape and started a new round of creation. While he was feeling the warmth from Yasmin, he was also influenced by his one-night stand with shai during the creative process. During the reunion with shai, he took the initiative to say hello and invited shai to have coffee together. While the two were talking and laughing freely, they were embarrassed by the arrival of Munna.
However, what yasmin brings is not always warmth. At the end of the video, yasmin was devastated by her husband's derailment. Arun suddenly realized that yasmin committed suicide in this house, and in a panic, he chose to move again. On the other hand, shai accidentally found that munna was engaged in this humble job when he was filming the work of the rat catchers at night in Mumbai. , and there is no redress. He moved out of the slum with his widowed sister-in-law and nephew, took up the responsibility of supporting the family, took the photo taken by shai for him to find a job as an actor, and began to avoid shai.
shai went to return arun's shirt but found that he had moved, and they didn't have any contact information with each other, and munna refused to answer her phone all the time. Until one day, shai accidentally bumped into munna and tried to catch up with munna who ran away again. Munna finally told her everything and said that he understood that shai had arun in his heart. Arun opened his newly completed works in the new residence. The warm colors are all over the painting. Among them, there is a woman's face, which is similar to shai and yasmin (personally thinks it is more like shai). On the other side, shai burst into tears while holding the new address of arun that munna gave her. 
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  • Raina 2022-03-30 09:01:12

    There are no Indian films with musicals~ but they are pretty good

  • Angeline 2022-04-23 07:05:46

    There really is no singing and dancing at all. In the end, when Munna caught up with Shai and gave her the address of Arun, she was a little touched, but this arrangement actually reflects the gap that cannot be bridged in reality.

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