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2022-03-28 08:01
The whole story setting of "Whale Qi" is very standardized, and the main target audience is women. The overall evaluation of the film by foreign media was good, with 24 media giving a comprehensive score of 63 points. The New York Post gave it a 75, saying it was a charming and joyful family movie. "Oblique" gave the lowest score of 12 points, disapproving of the film. "San Francisco Chronicle" pointed out that although the film will not have too deep connotation, but compared with most family-friendly films, it has a good background. The Boston Globe felt that the film needed only to entertain the audience, and the film had adequately served that purpose. The Hollywood Reporter highlighted the cast, saying the film's cast made the movie more appealing. Others questioned the film's monotony, with USA TODAY pointing out that the film's single characterization had to make a documentary about the same story seem more powerful. "Village Voice" feels that while the audience will always worry about the whales, it has to sympathize with the actors who are trapped in a blunt crisis.    
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  • Casper 2022-03-29 09:01:10

    It seems that all sectors of the society are working together to seek development for the good living environment of animals, which makes me have to doubt Lao Mei's optimism! Drew is much older, and the Lieutenant Colonel couple is very loving! The film is still beautiful, but it's actually quite touching.

  • Conrad 2022-03-29 09:01:10

    It's just normal, just a little touching. BD 720P 12/06/06

Big Miracle quotes

  • Adam Carlson: [Adam sits down across from Jill at a restaurant; looks at the menu] I usually get the breakfast burrito, which is fantastic... but the pile o' pancakes with a side of ham steak is tempting. What do you think I should get?

    Jill Jerard: The name of a good cardiologist?

  • Jill Jerard: [Doing a news report on the ice] Cut! God, my feet are numb. These boots are useless.

    Jill Jerard: [motions to Nathan]

    Jill Jerard: Hey kid, you still got that cardboard?

    Nathan: I sold it to the other guy. But I can still get more! It's forty now, though.

    Jill Jerard: Forty dollars?

    Nathan: Shipping and handling.

    Jill Jerard: ...Shipping and handling?

    Nathan: [smirks] It's not my first rodeo, either.

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