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2022-03-28 08:01
Although Galt Niederhoffer has been in Hollywood for many years and is one of the heads of Plum Pictures, she has not directed a movie and has been involved in the filming of the film as a producer and screenwriter. In addition to producing films, Niederhof is also a writer. In 2005, she wrote an autobiographical novel , which was widely acclaimed when it was published. In 2007, she wrote "The Romantics" while she was pregnant. The novel's story focuses on a wedding, and it tells the story of a hilarious and emotional love triangle accompanied by former friends who come.
Due to the popularity of the novel, Plum Pictures decided to have Niederhofer adapt it into a film and let her direct the work herself. It can be said that this is a work of Niederhof in a full sense. Talking about the film, Niederhofer said: "Although it is a comedy, I feel that it is serious and thought-provoking. The characters and stories in the film are in the moment, and Very realistic. For example, the two protagonists of the film, Lara Croft and Lara, one is a dull Jew and the other is a descendant of Protestants. Unfortunately, they both fell in love with the same man. For many years Later, this man is going to marry Lara, but Lara Croft can't let go of this relationship, so she will be unbalanced, unhappy, and unable to face her heart and desires. At the same time, the two The man a woman is after is just as unprepared for marriage, and he is equally apprehensive about the future. And the climax and emotional outburst of this story happens at the wedding."
For Niederhof, the people in the film are the epitome of the times, and their experiences and lives are exactly the same as the stories of today's urbanites. It is precisely because of this layer of "realism" in the film that the wedding scene can neither be shot in a grandiose manner nor too restrained. "The wedding scene was not only difficult to film but also difficult to edit," says Niederhofer. "If the pacing is too slow, there will be a lack of tension and emotional buildup; if the pacing is too fast, it will look artificial and unnatural." It took three shots to complete that scene. Because it was necessary to find the same rhythm in each actor's performance, to find the right way to deal with each little emotion. Luckily my crew worked very well together, we once Closer to perfection than once. When I watch the final version of the film, I still remember what could be considered a tough shoot."
Mrs. A Tang takes the lead
After becoming Tommy's wife, Katie Holmes made people more or less forget her acting career. She appeared in the public more as Tommy's wife than as an actor. But in this movie, Katie Holmes is back in the lead as the heroine. Moreover, she also conquered the director with her superb acting skills.
The film is narrated from the perspective of Lara Croft, played by Katie Holmes, and all stories are centered on Lara Croft. Niederhofer said: "Lara Croft is a failed middle-aged woman who has never been married and has always lived a single, puritanical life. Such a role is indeed a good thing for Holmes, who has a good family and career. It was very difficult. When I replaced Liv Tyler with her , I was sweating for her, worrying about whether she would be able to play the role of the loser. Later, during the filming, I found that Holmes not only She entered the play very quickly, and her grasp of the role is also very accurate." For playing this role, Holmes said: "I like Lara Croft very much, her emotions are real and realistic. I understand a woman What it's like to fall in love with a man without hesitation, and understand how she'll react when she sees this man getting married. So, I have a very thorough experience of the emotions of this character. To play this on screen Some women who are out of control are not too difficult."
In addition to Katie Holmes, the actors who play other friends in the film are also well-rounded characters: Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel and Marlene Akerman's supporting cast is as strong. When talking about such a cast, Niederhof couldn't hide her joy. She said: "The writer is dealing with himself, and every sentence and every adjective is the product of his struggle. But the director is dealing with himself. When dealing with actors, the shooting of every shot and the quality of each scene depends on them. If there is a group of good actors, it will be much easier to shoot a movie, just like a writer with rich vocabulary and emotion, it is easy to Can write memorable sentences. Luckily, 'The Romantics' has such a talented and dedicated cast. And I was able to direct the film very easily in a short amount of time."
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    This is the literary film that has the most temperament with me. It's like a stage play, with wonderful dialogue and obvious conflicts. Someone make more films like this, please!

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    Cramps seen on the plane

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  • Laura Rosen: He cheated on you.

    Lila Hayes: No. You did.

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