The Romantics movie plot

2022-03-28 08:01
Six years ago, seven young people formed strong friendships at the school, and they got along very happily and harmoniously. At school, they're a high-profile bunch of hotties and beauties, but nothing can ruin their friendship.
Six years later, two of the group of friends are about to get married. Laila, the bride-to-be, and her husband-to-be, Tom, are busy preparing for their luxurious but sweet wedding. The bridesmaid for Lara was her roommate, Lara Croft. They met when they were studying, and they were best friends in college. The two girls fell in love with Tom at the same time in college. Most importantly, Lara Croft can't let go of his feelings for Tom until now. And, Lara Croft is the only one of the friends who came to the wedding who is still single.
It was originally a lively and cordial wedding and a meeting of good friends, but because of emotional "old accounts", Laila's carefully planned wedding almost became a "battlefield".
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The Romantics quotes

  • Laura Rosen: He cheated on you.

    Lila Hayes: No. You did.

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